The Image Computing, Analysis and Repository Core (ICAR) provides computing and data storage services for facilitating the integration of imaging technologies with cancer and biomedical research in the UC Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Core's facilities include the Scientific Image Reconstruction and Analysis Facility (SIRAF), a computing cluster optimized for image processing, analysis, and visualization, and the Animal Imaging Repository (AIR), which provides network file sharing services for animal researchers. The ICAR core is also collaborating with the Human Imaging Research Office's Bio-Medical Imaging Repository (BMIR) in the development of methods for the curation and search of large imaging databases.

    The mission of the ICAR Core is to allow researchers whose focus is not on imaging per se to take advantage of state-of-art imaging modalities by supplying expertise in image analysis at whatever level is necessary, ranging from basic consultation and recommendation to shared development of new analysis software. A major goal of the Core is to provide turnkey end-to-end analysis and delivery of results for researchers, similar to molecular or genomic assays provided by other core facilities.

    In this role, ICAR complements the Integrated Small Animal Imaging Research Resource (iSAIRR) and other image acquisition cores, which provide initial consultation to identify the appropriate imaging studies, and ensure that specimen preparation and imaging procedures are accomplished correctly and consistently. The ICAR Core will assist researchers in developing and optimizing analysis methods for their particular needs, either via consultation as researchers pursue their own data analysis or by performing the analysis as a service.


    Acknowledgement of core facility contributions in publications is appreciated.

    Cancer Center members should cite the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA014599) when publishing any work assisted by this core facility.